Snow Day Fun: 7 Activities to Keep the Snow Day Insanity at Bay! by Morgan Hawthorne

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3 years ago
Snow Day Fun: 7 Activities to Keep the Snow Day Insanity at Bay!

As we all know, winter brings snow days! Those days that everyone was so excited when they were in school, but as parents these days bring special challenges. The minute parents get the notification that school is cancelled, panic sets in. Kids want to play in the snow for a quarter of the time it took for them to get dressed to play outside. Kids (as well as parents) get cabin fever and feel like caged animals – or at least mine do! Here are a few things my children (ages 10 and 4) and I have found to keep from going crazy and make the time pass a little more painlessly!

  • Practice math/spelling/letters by drawing in the snow.
  • Make a snowball target so the kids can clobber it instead of each other.
  • Write a story about what they would do in a winter wonderland.
  • Color pictures of the beautiful snowy landscape.

I hope these ideas save a few parents from the horrible snow-day insanity! Please leave a comment about your own snow day activities!

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Love this, Morgan Hawthorne ! Love the pic. too! If it’s really cold we love cuddling up on the couch to read or watch a movie- with hot cocoa!
Morgan Hawthorne
YES!!!! Cuddling with hot chocolate is truly the best when it's snowy outside!!! Hopefully we will get some more fun snow days in VA!!!!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Wonderful tips, Morgan Hawthorne ! Sounds like lots of fun around your house!! Thanks for sharing and so glad to have you as part of our #30Seconds tribe! πŸ˜€β„οΈ
Morgan Hawthorne
Thank you so much Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds !! I'm just so excited to have a new outlet and to have somewhere to share my ideas! Thanks for having me!!!
Gina Pomering
I πŸ’— we the target idea bc usually I am the target for D! We definitely like cocoa and there is usually a movie and popcorn 🍿!
Morgan Hawthorne
YES!!!!!!!! You know how A and K are!!! K cries because A throws snowballs at her even though she is pelting him too! A target is just the "fight free" way to go and then the kids can be on the same "team!"
Kimberly Johnson
Not REMOTELY excited about the possibility of more snow this week, but happy to have some new ideas, THANKS, Morgan Hawthorne !

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