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#30Seconds In-Depth: Mastery of Motherhood With Clinical Psychologist & Mom Dr. Christi Hibbert! by Donna John

6 years ago
#30Seconds In-Depth: Mastery of Motherhood With Clinical Psychologist & Mom Dr. Christi Hibbert!

Do you believe it’s possible to “master” motherhood? If so, what would “mastery of motherhood” look like? How is it achieved? If not, why not? And most importantly, if it’s possible, what are the secrets of becoming a “master” mom? We joined the “Mastery of Motherhood” movement at this week’s #30Seconds Twitter Chat guest, as our own Dr. Christi Hibbert, shared tips, tools and skills of mastering motherhood based on her latest book! 

Dr. Christina Hibbert is a clinical psychologist, speaker and author of “ This is How We Grow,” “Who Am I Without You?,” “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise” and her newest book project, “Mastery Of Motherhood.” Dr. Christi is a 5-year 30Seconds contributor, host of “Motherhood” radio/TV, creator of the Motherhood Essentials team with doTERRA and a mom of six! Visit to learn more. And here's what she had to say...

Q: You’re working on a new book project, “Mastery of Motherhood,” and you want our input, right?

Yes! And first, I have a question for all of you: Do you believe mastery of motherhood is possible? Why or why not?

I KNOW mastery of motherhood is possible – but perhaps not in the ways most of us think. First, we must define “mastery.” It’s not about perfection or how your kids act, etc. It’s about SELF-mastery. “The fruit of motherhood isn’t how your kids turn out. It’s how YOU turn out.” That’s what mastery of motherhood is all about. We each have individual needs as moms, but we can ALL master our own motherhood experience, and I want to help! Help me help you: Take my  Mastery of Motherhood survey and PASS IT ON to all moms you know! 

Q: Yes! I’ll take the survey! Then, how do we begin to “master” motherhood, when for most, it can feel so daunting?

Before we can achieve anything, we need a “vision” of what we hope motherhood will be – a personal, unique vision just for us.

  • Visualize yourself 20, 30, 40 years down the road. What do you hope your children remember about you? Who do you hope to be? See it.
  • Write down the character traits, qualities, abilities and skills you’ll need to become the person you visualize.

This is your “Motherhood Vision” and it can, and should, guide you in your personal growth goals and work as a mom. Remember: This is YOUR vision of motherhood, not anyone else’s. It must be personal and unique for YOU.

Q: Create your “motherhood vision” – I love that! OK, what’s next then if we want to “master” motherhood?

Once we’re clear on what we desire and are shooting for, then the real work begins. These past months, I’ve traveled to speak to moms across the country, and one theme has been clear: self-worth. The problem isn’t that we CAN’T become “master” moms

The problem is we don’t BELIEVE we can. It begins with self-worth – knowing who you truly are. This is different than self-esteem – feeling good about who you are. You can’t feel good and confident about who you are unless you KNOW who you truly are – as a mom and just as “you.”

Q: Why do you think we struggle so much with self-esteem and self-worth as moms?

We moms are harder on ourselves than anyone. We think if we aren’t “perfect” (or our kids aren’t) then we’re failing. The truth is we have no actual control over our children, especially as they grow. We can only control how we respond to motherhood. 

When we’re frustrated or yell, we beat ourselves up and forget that it’s just part of the deal, because motherhood is HARD! We need self-compassion, self-love, self-care – all part of self-worth. When we practice these, we can master motherhood. When we truly possess self-worth, only then can we model/teach it to our children. This is “mastering” motherhood to me.

Tune in to Motherhood radio,  Self-Compassion: How to Give Yourself (and Kids) a Break

Q: Yes! How do you suggest we begin to “truly possess self-worth” as moms?

Such a big question! But so easy to begin. Begin by first believing it’s possible. Begin by desiring true self-worth. Then, seek help, tools and support. We cannot do motherhood alone! That’s why I’m working on this book. We need each other. We need each other’s wisdom and guidance and support. I have free resources on my website to help u build self-worth, and in my book, “Who Am I Without You?” Start here: How to Feel Self-Worth: Pyramid of Self-Worth.

Q: In addition to self-worth, what else do you believe is crucial to “mastering” motherhood?

The facts about our body, brain, mind, spirit, emotions, mental health, energy. We NEED the facts to master motherhood. That’s why I need your help! I need to know what YOU MOMS need to know, so please take the mom survey! The more we understand our mind-body-spirit, the better we’ll be at self-mastery. Again, that’s what it’s all about! For instance, did you know that women’s emotions are made up of life experiences plus brain chemistry plus hormones?

Q: I am so excited about this new book! What can WE do to help you with Mastery of Motherhood?

  • PLEASE take the Mastery of Motherhood Survey at And PASS IT ON to all moms you know!
  • On the M.O.M. survey, you can also message me your stories, experiences and questions. I may include YOU in the book!
  • Invite me to speak to a group of moms near you about Mastery of Motherhood! Click here for information. 
  • Listen to and watch Motherhood radio and motherhoodtv for inspiration to help you “grow through motherhood!” 

Be sure to follow @DrCHibbert, visit DrChristinaHibbert.comlike her on Facebook and read Dr. Christi's 30Seconds tips!

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Meredith Schneider
Oh wow "master" motherhood?! Dr. Christina Hibbert can't wait to hear all you have to share with us. See you tomorrow :) Wednesday nights with #30Seconds ROCKS!
Raquel Masco
Mastering Motherhood - should be good.
Nicole DeAvilla
I am looking forward to your wisdom tonight Dr. Christina Hibbert and I hope that Gail Harris can join us tonight and give us her #MotherhoodRocks perspective. <3
Gail Harris
Thanks so much for thinking of me and reaching out. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to make it. Of course Dr. Christina Hibbert will rock the twittersphere. Thinking of you all.

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