Own Your Amazingness Today: Dare to Fiercely Love Yourself Exactly As You Are! by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

2 years ago
Own Your Amazingness Today: Dare to Fiercely Love Yourself Exactly As You Are!

I love this time of year and loathe it. Love it for fresh starts, new beginnings and endless possibility of what might be. I hate it because people, especially women, are inundated with messages that we’re not enough as we are. Not thin enough. Not healthy enough. Not pretty enough. Not enough for what? To feel confident? To feel amazing? To love ourselves?

I’m all for self-improvement, but please, please, don’t think you’re not enough as you are in this moment right now. Whether you look like the “before photo” the “after photo” or the “in progress photo,” you’re already enough. You're enough.

To say, “I’ll be happy when I…” is a trap. You can improve yourself and be happy now. Confident now. Amazing now.

You’re not your body. You’re not a reflection in a mirror. You’re not even, despite how familiar that voice sounds, your thoughts. You’re a perfect, shining soul here to shine and learn to shine even brighter.

You’re perfect exactly as you are. exactly as you are. Own it. Fiercely. Unapologetically. You’re enough.

Accept that truth, and love yourself and everyone else, more – and better.

Be amazing, happy and shine brightly right now.

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Martha Garcia-Wegener
Thanks for this today! I just got back from the gym, I feel good and I look good, and yet, I'm still beating myself up for the 9 pounds I gained over Christmas! Gotta remember, that number does not define me.
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Exactly! You go with your awesome self!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so timely and perfect, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt ! Thank you for the inspiration. YOU are AMAZING! xoxo
Jessica L. Williams
This tip is so needed. Thank you for writing Michelle Nelson-Schmidt !
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
We are waiting for you to share your brilliance here on 30Seconds, Jessica L. Williams . You have so much knowledge and inspiration we’d love to shine a light on! ⭐️

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