What to Do When It's Freezing Outside? Play in the Snow! (6 Things You Gotta Know First) by Brian Mackenzie

2 years ago
What to Do When It's Freezing Outside? Play in the Snow! (6 Things You Gotta Know First)

Sometimes the time it takes you to get the kids dressed up and undressed is longer than the time you were outside playing. Here are some great ways to maximize their enjoyment while being exposed to some pretty harsh conditions:

  • Proper clothing. This is definitely the most important. Snowsuits and nice mitts and boots. Toques and Dickies (those are hats and a face tube made of scarf material) are great to bring out, too.
  • An understanding of thermoregulation. Wiggle your toes and fingers before they get cold. Remember that it is less windy on the "other side" of the snow pile, and a small snow cave dug into it is a wonderful lesson on insulation.
  • Speaking of digging snow caves, digging sure warms you up fast, huh? So does somersault practice from the top of the snow pile.
  • Wind in the face? Walk backwards.
  • Dry out those clothes when you get home. The faster the clothes are dry, the sooner they can be out again!
  • About 10 minutes outside is long enough to play a few scenes from "Frozen" and from the ice planet of Hoth.

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Donna John
Love this advice, Brian Mackenzie ! lol Wish we had snow to play in. We're back to shorts weather in Texas.
Brian Mackenzie
well my tips for that would be 'stay inside, fellow gingers' :D
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is awesome! Great tips, Brian Mackenzie . Plenty of snow to enjoy in Chi-town, especially since it's warming up a bit (actually above freezing today for the first time in weeks)!
Mike Prochaska
Actually got the kids to play outside today after school! Had to get some snow play in before Thursday when it all going to melt since it going to be 53. Crazy Chicago weather going from -12 t0 53
Brian Mackenzie
we're getting warm this week, but there's still plenty of winter left and enough snow to last through the pesky melt :) do you wanna build a snowwwwwwmannnn....
Stacey Roberts
We’re kind of throw caution to the wind types!

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