When Your College Kid Moves Far Away: 5 Important Lessons They'll Learn by Cindy Hlywa

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4 years ago
When Your College Kid Moves Far Away: 5 Important Lessons They'll Learn

Some young adults need to go far away to realize their potential. When our oldest rebounded from a “practice semester” at a nearby state school, he landed 1000 miles away to start fresh in Florida. Though we miss him dearly, here are a few lessons he’d never have learned had he stayed local: 

  • You will never take for granted your family, and those friends who’ve treated you as family your whole life.
  • Their willingness to support, advise and love you has never been more crucial to your well-being.
  • You are capable of “adulting” – from bills, to budgeting, to negotiating a new city, you are brave and resourceful.
  • You prioritize your education because you’ve had a glimpse of the alternative.
  • Independence is exhilarating. Making your own decisions empowers you to grow into who you are going to be – and that’s a beautiful phenomenon.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this, Cindy Hlywa ! I see this with the college students I work with. So much of what they learn happens OUTside the classroom.
Cindy Hlywa
Thanks, Ann Marie. That’s what I’m learning! And I like the idea of recognizing these achievements in addition to the typically celebrated ones.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Yes! "Making your own decisions empowers you to grow into who you are going to be..." So very important, and I am seeing this with my college kids. Thanks for the great post, Cindy Hlywa !
Nancy Dafoe
Wonderful reflection
Cindy Hlywa
Thanks, Nancy. I’ve learned so much from talking to you !
Mike Prochaska
Seems so far away right now. lol

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