A Mom Is Sentenced to Prison After Son Dies From Strep Throat (Share Your Thoughts) by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

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6 years ago

A mother being sentenced to prison after her child dies of illness? Sounds like a complete nightmare. But this is the reality for Tamara Lovett, a 48-year-old Canadian mother whose 7-year-old son died from strep throat in 2013.

Authorities said Lovett refused to take her son to a doctor for a treatable strep throat infection. Lovett was recently sentenced to three years in prison for criminal negligence. And some are asking: what message does this send to all the parents out there?

“The message is so clear and that is that if your child is not getting better you are legally and morally bound to take that child to an actual doctor for actual medical care,” said Jonathan Hak, the Crown Prosecutor on the case.

Reportedly, Lovett treated her son with holistic remedies including dandelion tea and oregano oil. Doctors said he could have been treated with antibiotics to prevent the spreading of infection, and he would likely still be alive today.

As parents, we have to understand the difference between wellness care and sickness care. If your child is sick, go to a medical doctor and get professional help. After your illness disappears, you can embrace "wellness care." 

Read more about the mom sentenced to prison via phLabs. This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

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Elisa Schmitz
OMG! I had not heard this. I am so sorry to hear it. Thank you for sharing so we can all be aware, and for pointing out the difference between sickness and wellness care, Joy Stephenson-Laws JD !
Donna John
Oh, no. This is horrible. What a tragedy. So many people use wellness care and holistic ways to fight illnesses these days. Thanks for bringing this important case to our attention, Joy Stephenson-Laws JD . Interested to hear what the tribe thinks.
Mike Prochaska
U can die from strep? I felt like I was going to die last time I had it thank god for drugs but can’t believe you can really die from it... I don’t get why you wouldn’t take your kids to the doctor for some drugs!! They do wonders knock that crap out of you in two days.
Michele Gelman
Often strep can be treated with holistic remedies if it is caught early enough and the right remedies are used. We tend to over-treat. Antibiotic resistance is a real problem and overuse of antibiotics can cause drastic health consequences for future health. It is just very difficult to know when something can spiral out of control. This poor mother was out of her league without realizing it. I think losing her son is already enough punishment for trying to do what she thought was best for her child. He might have died with antibiotics too if the strain was resistant. Sending her to prison is cruel and doesn't help anybody.
Candy Stephens
So very, very sad! This sounds like an unnecessary death but I cannot imagine what this mom must be feeling. I love my essential oils, and they help in so many ways. Unfortunately, western medicine is failing society by NOT acknowledging, participating and educating in the use of holistic/ wellness care to complement more contemporary treatment. If they did this, we might be more clear as to what can be handled at home and the signs of what should instigate a more aggressive course of action.

As for the punishment, that is a very slippery slope. Not enough details regarding mom's actions (or lack thereof), intention, etc. Heartbreaking, regardless.
Nicole DeAvilla
What a heartbreaking story. I agree with Candy Stephens that we would need more facts and the whole story before judging. And like Michele Gelman says the mother wasn't being totally negligent - perhaps very uniformed. Having your child die is pretty harsh in it's self. The sad reality is that Western medicine can kill too when trying to help. I think a balance between the two is the best approach.

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