Traveling Circus of Photographs: An Activity the Whole Family Can Enjoy! by Nancy Dafoe

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5 years ago
Traveling Circus of Photographs: An Activity the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

As you walk by those photographs on the wall, ask yourself: Do you still notice them, stop and appreciate the moment the photo was taken and the individuals portrayed instantly come to you in the moment? Like most people, I will pass by a picture mounted on the wall or one standing upright on a window sill and simply not acknowledge the image. Our eyes may take in the picture, but our brain tells us, “We’ve seen this before; keep moving.” 

As a heart-warming entertainment for friends and family at the holidays, take out a box of unframed photographs and let everyone gather around and choose their favorites to put on the wall or in prominent places. (You can use those hooks that come off without leaving marks.) Each person has to relate the “story” behind why he or she chose the photograph. It is wonderful how the laughter and tears start flowing.

At your holiday gatherings this year, create a new tradition, one in which everyone can become the storyteller.

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is a beautiful idea, Nancy Dafoe ! What a wonderful tradition during the holidays, thank you.
Debbie Howard
Love this idea, Nancy!
Nancy Dafoe
Thank you, Debbie. I just followed you, too, and am enjoying your posts.

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