What Moms REALLY Want for Christmas: We Have the Inside Scoop! by Ann Marie Patitucci

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3 years ago

What Moms REALLY Want for Christmas: We Have the Inside Scoop!

Have you ever wondered what moms really want for Christmas? Well, we found out! We asked moms on social media what they wanted for Christmas, and we gave them one condition: they were not allowed to say "peace on earth" or "happy and healthy kids" or anything of the like. We wanted materialistic gifts, dream gifts – something for them. We received far more responses than could possibly fit in a 30Seconds tip, but this is a good representation. From practical gifts (washer/dryer) to dream gifts (think Chip and Joanna Gaines!) to dreams of alone time, here’s what moms really want for Christmas. Which gift(s) do you want the most?

  • a dream vacation with my husband 
  • a spa day 
  • a ME day 
  • new furniture 
  • a life coach 
  • a cleaning service 
  • dinner by myself 
  • a fun new wardrobe 
  • an always-on-call nanny for when my kids are driving me bat-sh!t crazy 
  • annual Disney passes 
  • a membership to a yoga studio 
  • a mommy makeover 
  • a home makeover 
  • a full-time housekeeper to clean and run errands 
  • my school loans paid off 
  • a sound-proof room I can lock myself in so I don’t hear the kids fighting 
  • a new purse 
  • my own plane to travel wherever and whenever 
  • to adopt a baby without going bankrupt
  • an Apple watch
  • a vacation on an island with a book and a drink, without my husband and kids, without a cell phone or email
  • car detailing for my mini-van
  • a washer/dryer
  • a million dollar homeschool room
  • kids who listen 
  • a night in a hotel by myself
  • a clean bathroom that stays that way all year 
  • an embroidery machine
  • piano lessons
  • an always-on-call chauffeur to drive my kids to practices and games
  • a personal stylist to tell me what to wear
  • Roomba
  • my debt paid off
  • my family members who have all passed away to join me in opening presents, talking, laughing and telling family stories
  • Chip and Joanna Gaines to make my home décor dreams come true

What do you really want for Christmas? Share it below!

Thank you to the many moms who responded to our question and therefore contributed to the content of this 30Seconds tip, including: Min Sibley, Abbey NorthRenee HerrenKathy SprengerKimberly Clark JohnsonKatie Yeckel SloanShannon Mattice and Carrie Watts.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
Me too! Which are your favorites, Kimberly Johnson ?
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I love this, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead ! My wish was a spa day, but after reading this great list, I’m even more inspired. I love the on-call chauffeur! But perhaps my fave is having deceased relatives back for the holidays. I miss my grandparents so much. They WERE the holidays for me! 🎄❄️
Ann Marie Patitucci
I'm inspired too, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! I miss my "Grandma Tucci" so much. Would love to have her here. I think a spa day with her would be perfect! xoxo
Gina Pomering
Fantastic! 💕them all but the hotel room by myself! That is awesome! Ohhh for my dream vacay! Santa 🎅🏼 baby!
Ann Marie Patitucci
A hotel room alone does sound like heaven, Gina Pomering !
S Roberts
And a staycation in my house by myself!
Ann Marie Patitucci
This sounds great to me, Stacey Roberts ! Was the saw an accidental post or do you plan to do some renovation project YS during your stay-cation? :)
S Roberts
Excuse the embarrassingly quick response...I do woodworking, if that’s what you want to call it and this is kind of the latest/greatest mitre saw. Here’s a tour...an Instagram friend, Ruthie Knudsen sent me the diffuser. You know, to create a little zen in the woodshop! Occasionally a project turns out but my real specialty is sawdust!
Mike Prochaska
You need to do an entire tip just on this
S Roberts
The tip would go like this, how to go through 70 board ft of 1”x3” poplar to make 1 jig! Or how to measure 6 times and cut once and still get it wrong! Or suck up a 3 1/8” screw in your dust collector and bend one of the blades so you have to take it apart to straighten it out orrrrr, this is the best yet, clamp. Piece of steel rod to the bed of my bandsaw and while trying to bend it I bust 2 brackets that hold the bed in place and they just happen to be discontinued so I have to go on eBay in hopes of finding some. Which I did costing me 4 times!
I built the crib for my 2nd baby and the house bed for them when they were older (that was me reliving myself through them), we changed the walls when they went their separate ways to make it look like a treehouse. The board with the weird cut, well I shouldn’t have been buttering bread let alone using the most dangerous machine in a woodshop. It kicked back and hit me in the mouth then flew 57 ft. All it did to my face was cut my lips, pushed a tooth back and jammed my jaw, but the rate of force my head went back bringing my shoulder forward tore my rotator cuff and a ligament and messed the bursa up so I had to have it reconstructed.
Still think I should write a tip? 🤣
Mike Prochaska
Hell I want a full time housekeeper too!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I think next year you need to write the Dads version of this tip!!
Meredith Schneider
WOW Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead ! What an awesome list. I vote for a house manager and to have relatives back to meet our 4 kids while having dinner and a glass of wine. xoxoxo

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