Helping Kids With Homework: 4 Tips From a Parent & Former Teacher! by Tales from Classroom

Helping Kids With Homework: 4 Tips From a Parent & Former Teacher!

As a parent and former teacher, I have seen the challenge of helping kids with homework from both sides of the desk. We often come from a good place in trying to help our kids get to a point of understanding, but our methods aren't always the most effective. The great advantage of being a parent and a teacher is that I get the perspective of both. As such, I want to share some tips on how to best help your child with homework. 

  • Don't tell them, ask questions: Generally the last thing master teachers get down in perfecting their craft is asking questions rather than giving answers. Begin to think in questions. Instead of saying, "add the 6 and the 8," ask, "what should we do with that 6 and 8?" 
  • Find out what they do understand: Teachers call this scaffolding. Find out what your kiddo does understand and then ask questions to get them to where they need to go. 
  • Recognize cognitive dissonance vs. frustration: The former is good (it means they are challenged), the latter is not. When they are frustrated, let them take a break and clear their heads. 
  • Celebrate success: Telling kids they did a good job is so powerful. Do it! 

By Bradley Conrad, Ph.D., Capital University 

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Elisa Schmitz
I so appreciate you sharing your perspective as a teacher, Bradley! Great info for parents, thank you! Tales from Classroom Tales from the Classroom
Tales from Classroom
Thank you! I hope parents find it helpful.

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