A Tribe Is Good for Your Mental Health (Teens Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need a Squad!) by Cindy Hlywa

A Tribe Is Good for Your Mental Health (Teens Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need a Squad!)

Did you know that nurturing a strong, interconnected group of friends is one of the best things we can do for our mental health? New friends are lovely but the friendships we cultivate for years enrich our lives in countless ways.

I've been part of my Bunco group since 1990. What started as a monthly gathering to play, eat snacks and share cocktails has morphed into long, boisterous dinners, helping sick or struggling members, road tripping to celebrate birthday milestones and more. There’s nothing shallow about our friendships. The laughs are real, the stories are timeless and what’s crucial is that we are together for life events, both good and bad.

Strong groups of women (and men) who enjoy and care about each other build healthy communities. Consider developing the relationships between your friends, knowing that having a network of real friends helps us all lead better lives. Harvard's Women’s Health Watch recently concluded that having a network of satisfying relationships reduces dementia risk. Maybe, just maybe, when life wears us down, our tribe will be what keeps us from losing our minds.

Read more about dementia and relationships via Harvard's Women's Health Watch

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Donna John
I used to play Bunco years ago, and loved it. May have to reach out and see about getting another group going. Great tip, Cindy Hlywa ! Welcome to the tribe (and better mental health)! :-)
Cindy Hlywa
Thanks for your response and kind words. Bunco is why our group got started, but now we have so much to talk about and other fun things to do we haven’t played the actual game in years 😂
Elisa Schmitz
So true, Cindy Hlywa ! The tribe is the heart and soul of 30Seconds. So glad you’re a part of ours, too! Welcome, and I look forward to learning and growing with you! 😀
Cindy Hlywa
I like the whole “tribe” concept and would be lost without mine! Thanks for your warm welcome😊
Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this! My local book club girls are my squad and I don’t know what I’d do without them. And of course I have my 30Seconds tribe too! Thanks for sharing this with us, Cindy Hlywa ! Welcome to the tribe!
Cindy Hlywa
Thanks, AM. I’m glad you, Christine, and I have always had our ESM “mini-squad”. I’m also grateful to have this new connection with you through 30 seconds now!
Nancy Dafoe
This is so very true, Cindy. Loved this post, and I feel privileged to count you among my "tribe."

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