Hanging Swings: Why You Should Consider a Pod, Hammock or Basket Swing for Your Kids! by Mike Prochaska

4 years ago
Hanging Swings: Why You Should Consider a Pod, Hammock or Basket Swing for Your Kids!

I bought my son a hanging chair and a C-shaped hammock chair stand for his room. I actually bought him a HugPod hammock swing. It’s a swing with three holes to climb into and it’s like a hanging fort that you can also swing in! How awesome is that?! I am hoping to have him use it as a quiet area in his room to color, read books and play with his friends. 

Hanging swings are awesome for children with sensory processing disorder or when they just need a break. Children get stressed out sometimes, too. Also, the swinging motion of a hanging chair soothes, relaxes and increases concentration and reestablishes balance to the vestibular system. Generally, swinging in a hanging nest chair helps autistic-spectrum children feel more “in balance.”

There are many types of hanging chairs, but the most common is the hammock. There are so many different types of hammocks depending on the amount of space you have.

  • Traditional hammocks: Some hammocks come with a stand. 
  • Pod swings: They come in hundreds of different colors and designs. 
  • Basket swings: It’s a big basket that you hang up to chill out in. I see this more as an adult or teenager option.
  • Regular outdoor swings: There are many new amazing outdoor swings being developed that can be brought into the house. 

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Ann Marie Patitucci
How fun! Thanks for sharing with us, Mike Prochaska !
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
So cool! Gotta check this out, I want one. Thanks, Mike Prochaska !

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