The Learning Process: Learning Can Be a Family Experience When Shared Together by Pepi Silverman

The Learning Process: Learning Can Be a Family Experience When Shared Together

Learning is a lifelong activity, but being a student can often be perceived as an activity that ends after graduation. Kids benefit from seeing their parents continue to pursue lifelong learning and families benefit from opportunities to learn together. Whether it is homework completion at the family table or working together on a science fair project, the experience of exploring knowledge as a family provides lessons that can last a lifetime. 

As the school year progresses, finding ways to share in your children’s learning will create lasting impressions of the importance of advancing knowledge at all stages of life. Consider these ways to incorporate learning into all family experiences: 

  • Subject applications are all around us. Whether it’s science in cooking or geometry in furniture arrangements, these subjects apply across our lifetimes.
  • Dinner time discussions can bring concepts under study into family conversations.
  • Challenge both sons and daughter across the curriculum.
  • Find ways to learn together by creating shared opportunities with projects and academic inquiries.

Sharing in the learning process sets a wonderful example and creates great family memories.

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Dieter Schmitz
I loved building our holiday train set (from Germany) with my father each Christmas. Danke Pepi Silverman for bringing me a Weihnachten smile.

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