8 Ways to Connect With Your Kids (& Still Have Time to Do Your Hair!) by Tanya Kuzmanovic

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6 years ago

8 Ways to Connect With Your Kids (& Still Have Time to Do Your Hair!)

I have three kids, which can make it difficult (yet not impossible) to connect on a one-to-one basis. However, with a bit of prioritizing and organization, I make it happen. Here's how:

  • Keeping it simple. I don't need to spend money or plan any grand gestures. To connect with my kid can be as simple as having them tag along with me while I walk the dog or grocery shop.
  • Asking for their input. I ask them what they want to do together – then we do it. Even if it means playing video games or watching TV.
  • Trying something new together. Whatever we do, we are newbies together.
  • Getting my child to teach me something. This role reversal is a boost to my kid's self-esteem.
  • Cooking a meal together. We plan it, shop for it, prepare it and eat it – together.
  • Reading the same book. This opens up many conversational avenues between the two of us.
  • Taking a trip down memory lane. Thinking back to when I was my child's age, we do something that I enjoyed way back when.
  • Taking advantage of alone time. When my other kids are busy, I don't squander this potential one-on-one time with whoever is left.

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Donna John
Love these ideas, Tanya Kuzmanovic ! Welcome to the tribe!
Elisa Schmitz
How wonderful, Tanya Kuzmanovic ! Great first post. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe. We look forward to learning and growing with you!
Mike Prochaska
Love this tip. Kids can teach us things.. my kids are always coming home from school teaching me new Spanish words and they pick up Techlogies faster then us and teach us how to use things.
Kristan Wager
These are GREAT...and doable! I sometimes get overwhelmed by trying to do something with my 13, 10 and 4 year old. KISS always works!
Jessica Acree
I love your tips and latest blog on your personal site! I totally subscribed btw :) I am looking forward to more conversations!
Tanya Kuzmanovic
Thank you Jessica - so nice to hear!
Tanya Kuzmanovic
And let me know if you do not receive the confirmation sent to your email in order to finalize your subscription - I received a couple of messages the other day that confirmation emails were not being sent so I'm looking into this! Thanks again . . .

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