#MotherhoodRocks: Mom, This Year Give the Innocence of Christmas. Here’s What I Mean... by Gail Harris

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6 years ago

#MotherhoodRocks: Mom, This Year Give the Innocence of Christmas. Here’s What I Mean...

Sound difficult or impossible – finding the innocence of Christmas buried beneath the hoopla? It isn’t. You just have to look for it, and close your eyes to everything else. And when you find it, hold it in your heart. Wrap each gift with joy. Bake each cookie with compassion. Sing each song with love. Rather than the same ol’ same ol’, a little inner shift let’s Christmas unfold with new majesty. It will be a transformational Christmas. If you want it to be.

How will you know? The glee in their eyes. The taste of the food. The sound of the music. The essence of the moment. It isn’t a fairy tale. Even Jesus said that you have to believe. I’m sayin’ to hop on the Polar Express and experience the holiday with new faith and wonder. Believing in the impossible. Celebrating anew. Letting the innocence of Christmas reign free. Felt for generations to come.

Merry X-mas, mama, to you and yours.

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Elisa Schmitz
Love this, Gail Harris ! You do just have to believe. That’s the magic of this season! ❤️
Gail Harris
So true Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds . happy happy to you and yours. Are the kids coming home?
Elisa Schmitz
Yes, it will be a full house. Can't wait, Gail Harris !
Stephanie Cannoe
Beautiful. The spirit of the holiday is the meaning. Thank you for the felt reminder. Your words bring it to life. 💓
Gail Harris
Sure Stephanie Cannoe . Thanks for feeling it.
Donna John
Beautifully said, as always, Gail Harris .
Gail Harris
Donna John . Thanks. With a little tweak from you, as always. 😎

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