Winter Break: 4 Ways to Trick Kids Into Learning Over the Winter Holidays! by Kirstin Ahearn

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6 years ago

Winter Break: 4 Ways to Trick Kids Into Learning Over the Winter Holidays!

Most school kids have a few weeks off at the end of December – a welcome break to enjoy the holidays without the worries of homework or exams. While this is a carefree time, you can still sneak in a little bit of learning with these easy tips:

  • Challenge them to read an old-fashioned book. Perhaps one they received as a gift, or a classic you have around the house, or something recommended from the library. Good writers are also good readers, so when kids take in great books, they are (unwittingly) honing sentence structure and grammar skills.
  • Let them do all the baking and even some cooking, which is math and chemistry in action.
  • Ask them to be the family “historian” during the holidays by taking lots of candid photos, writing notes and memories, and creating a blog or photo memory book. They will learn organization, design and the value of “reporting” and concise writing.
  • If you are traveling, have them create an A-Z list of all the things they see while in the car, on an airplane or on a train. When the list is complete, you can give them their earbuds back!

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Meredith Schneider
Awesome tips Kirstin Ahearn ! Glad I'm not the only one encouraging my kids to read, play, color and get creative. One coloring right now, one playing with legos, one doing her homework that's not due till next year. And my son is back to playing video games (but after eating dinner with his family xoxo)
I always invite them into the kitchen to help, even though I know it might take me longer to finish whatever we are cooking or baking but making those memories is so worth eating a few minutes later than I wanted. xoxo :)

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