DIY Holiday-Themed Sensory Tub for Kids: A Playtime Idea for Fun, Learning & Giving! by Teacher Karen

3 years ago
DIY Holiday-Themed Sensory Tub for Kids: A Playtime Idea for Fun, Learning & Giving!

The holiday season is upon us! Let your kiddo have fun while developing motor skills, eye-hand coordination, problem-solving skills, math readiness/awareness, length, area and volume concepts, and creativity. How? With a sensory tub of wrapping materials! With this sensory activity your kids can experience the joy of giving, too!

You'll need:

  • shallow plastic container 
  • shredded paper confetti/gift bag filler
  • bows 
  • ribbons
  • gift bags 
  • various small empty boxes 
  • wrapping and tissue paper 
  • gift tags
  • markers 
  • blunt-tipped scissors 
  • tape 
  • optional: holiday accents like artificial holly sprigs, Santas, jingle bells, etc. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. Fill plastic container with shredded paper, bows and ribbons.
  2. Add boxes, wrapping and tissue paper and gift tags.
  3. Provide markers, scissors and tape. Demonstrate use of scissors or how to pull a small amount out and tear it off, if needed.
  4. Let your child explore the sensory tub and create decorated packages and bags! 
  5. Add small items like travel-sized toiletries or some treats for your child to actually wrap up to give!

Note: Be mindful of possible choking hazards with young children when filling your sensory tub. 

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Teacher Karen
The preschool kidlets LOVED this sensory tub...they'd get to choose their own wrapping papers, bows and/or ribbons...and of course, use a LOT of tape! ---things most of them didn't get to do at home
Mike Prochaska
Or let them wrap presents! I let my kids wrap all kinds of stuff for mom for Christmas’s sometimes they just walk around the house and pick out random stuff. Can’t even remember what crazy stuff they wrapped last year

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