#30Seconds Live: Chicago Toy & Game Fair With Game Inventors David L. Hoyt & Jeff Knurek! by Elisa Schmitz

#30Seconds Live
6 years ago

You know that little puzzle called Jumble that’s syndicated in more than 600 newspapers and played by nearly 15 million people a day? Meet the cartoonist, Jeff Knurek, and the author, David L. Hoyt. But besides that, both are also professional game inventors. Incredible! The men met over 16 years ago, and Jeff has been inventing games and toys for more than 28 years. Their latest invention, Word Winder, which made its debut at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG), has a very interesting story...

A teacher from Savanna, Ill., saw the game at ChiTAG and said it was the best educational game she’s ever seen. Jeff and David delivered games to the teacher’s classroom, and the kids loved it so much she got CBS to do a news story on the kids’ reactions. Shortly after, ChiTAG founder Mary Couzin asked them to make a giant version of the game. As a result, Jeff and David are now in the giant game business and Word Winder is now in 60 libraries in Chicago and other places around the globe.

Because of the price of the giant game ($495), many schools and libraries couldn’t afford to purchase it. Enter the David L. Hoyt Education Foundation. The Foundation was formed to develop and promote play-based and collaborative learning, and also helps with grants to get giant toys into the hands of libraries and schools. What an incredible story!

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Elisa Schmitz
These two were amazing to talk to. Truly inspirational!
Julie Rose
Awesome idea guys

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