#30Seconds Live: Chicago Toy & Game Fair With Utter Nonsense Inventor Tim Swindle! by Elisa Schmitz

#30Seconds Live
6 years ago

How’s your Valley Girl accent? How about your British accent? With the hilarious game Utter Nonsense, expect lots of fun accents (or attempts at them!) and belly laughs from the whole family!

The game started out as something Tim Swindle and his sister, Shannon, played with friends and family. They would take two decks of cards and write accents on one and phrases on another. Everyone had to go around and say the phrases using different accents. After having fun for years playing, Tim decided to turn it into a “real thing.”

The original Utter Nonsense was a rated R version (the Naughty Edition), but the game now comes in a PG version for families. Utter Nonsense is not meant to be taken too seriously – it’s for fun and laughs. Love that! Utter Nonsense is now making its way around the globe, or at least into your home! Both editions are available at Target.

Learn more at UtterNonsenseGame.com.

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Elisa Schmitz
It was so fun meeting Tim at Chicago Toy & Game Fair! He is hilarious, as you can imagine. And Utter Nonsense is a total blast!

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