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Chef Gigi Gives Us the Scoop on Her New Book, “Food Fight for Parents of Picky Eaters!” by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago
Chef Gigi Gives Us the Scoop on Her New Book, “Food Fight for Parents of Picky Eaters!”

Are you or a family member struggling with a picky eater? Want to eat healthier yourself? This week, we were thrilled to welcome #30Seconds contributor, Chef Gigi, as our #30Seconds Twitter chat guest! As a professional chef, Chef Gigi elicits the science of flavor to help combat the picky eater challenge. She also teaches how to instill healthy eating habits through shopping, prepping, cooking and how to avoid dangerous artificial ingredients. We got an insider’s look into Chef Gigi Gaggero’s new book, “Food Fight for Parents of Picky Eaters,” now in pre-sales!

Q: So Gigi, what made you decide to write a book on picky eaters?

I owned a cooking school for kids ages 3 to 16, from 1998 to 2014 and parents were always asking me the same question: “How do I get my picky eater to eat healthier?” I began teaching parents strategies to shop, prep and cook better – faster. I worked directly with the children, so I was able to test solutions and tweak them so they worked. Raising my own two picky eaters helped. Plus, I’m a picky eater. Shhh!

Q: What are some ideas with working with a picky eater that can help parents immediately?

It’s not that simple. Picky eaters should be examined on a case by case basis. Every child is different. Every parent, parents differently. So many things to identity. Such as, maybe it’s us who are creating our own picky eater. Many children use their power and control at mealtimes, because this is the only place and time they can. Or maybe it’s a different reason the child is being picky. Maybe a food intolerance. Many times, we need to examine our parenting techniques. Sometimes it’s what we take off the plate is just as important as what we add. I talk about this in my book extensively.

Q: Once you identify where and why the picky eating comes into play, then what?

Well, you act on solutions. I’ve outlined several things we do as parents to contribute to the power struggle, like “the one bite rule,” bribery or punishment. Bribery is a huge parenting issue. Studies show that 91 percent of parents bribe their children. Kids are averaging over $4000 a year in recorded bribery earnings. It ruins humans in the long run. There is also the case that maybe you are seriously overcooking the broccoli. In that case you don't want to eat it either, so don't make your child. Be a role model. Don’t ask your child to do anything you are not willing to do yourself. 

My book, “Food Fight for Parents of Picky Eaters,” is in pre-sale right now for a few more days. I only need 350 more purchases to be matched with a big house publisher. If you like what you read, watch my video on the link provided and pre-purchase.

Q: Can you tell us a few more of your solutions you have outlined in your book, “Food Fight?”

Yes, one of them is so obvious but we all stand guilty of. Have you ever given your child a piece of french bread or a celery stick off the counter while preparing family meals? We must remember a child’s stomach is only as big as their fist. Don’t feed them an unintended snack immediately before mealtime and expect them to clean the plate.

I also think it’s a great time to let a kid be a kid. Mealtimes are not the black and white ball with the boss. Lighten up, and allow your child to choose a small kitty or doggie bowl to eat out of. Just make sure to set the rules. What goes in gets eaten. And then don't screw this up with the over-cooked broccoli, parents. It’s a window of trust. It’s all about flavor. In my book I discuss an advanced battle, and elicit the science behind flavor. It's called umami (ooooh, mommy).

Q: What is umami and what do you do with it?

Well, umami is our fifth sense of taste. Bitter, sweet , salty, sour and … umami. Umami is activated by the glutamates on our tongues. Umami is heightened by certain foods. In “Food Fight,” I talk about cooking with umami-rich foods. Once you finally get the child to eat, umami can be added insurance they will like it, and continue to eat. My book is loaded with over 60 recipes and several umani introductions.

Q: What exactly is this campaign you are doing with Publishizer?

Publishizer is like a for writer and publishing houses. If they can see there is interest in my book via pre-sales they will open negotiations with me. There is a video of me in this link that you can watch after the chat and it explains everything.

The more books I can pre-sell the opportunity for me to help a wider audience of families becomes larger. There are bonus packs, too, like classes with me, parties and you can even get your name in the acknowledgements area of my book. Please help me, help others by  pre-ordering your $20 pre-sale copy today

Be sure to follow @ChefGigi, visit, like Chef Gigi on Facebook and read her 30Seconds tips!

Meredith Schneider
Oh can’t wait! One of my favorite topics and FAV Chef Chef Gigi Gaggero 😊🎉👌🍷
Chef Gigi
Whooo hoooooo! Everyone gets wine in a coffee mug at this party! Can’t wait to see you Meredith !
Elisa Schmitz
So excited to learn more about your book (that I already ordered, woohoo) and chat with you tonight, Chef Gigi Gaggero ! Hope to see you all there! Donna John Nicole DeAvilla Kim Kusiciel Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Cheryl Leahy Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT Sheryl Gould Kelli Schulte Pam McCormick Lynette Patterson Margaret Steck Mei Marcie Deb Lowther Debbie Howard Kristy Dominiak Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD CosmoFrank Correy Kustin ✈️It's Just Me✈️ Andrea Hinckley Toni B TONIA L.CLARK Rachell Montgomery Rachel Markwood Rachel W. Lewter Eirene Heidelberger Holly Budde Holly Love Meredith Schneider Mercedes Samudio sherry bracy Sherry Torkos Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP 2 Minute Yoga Jan Mostrom Jan Katzen CN Jeanette Gibson Jeannine Jeannie Greener Jennifer Young Jennifer Pereyra Stacie Ast-Kutzbach Stacy Draeger-Brogan Stacey Freeland Stacey Artz Kathy Shimmield Kathy Ast-Kutzbach Amanda Heyser Amanda Ashlee Smith Ashlee Benest Ashley Massey ☀️Stephanie☀️ lorri langmaid Lorri Langmaid Lori Leal Lauren Harris-Pincus Danielle Omar Natalia Stasenko Tiffany C Tiffany Anne Tiffany Zook Tamara O'Shaughnessy Adeline Benovil Adeline Benovil Mom Life Adventures Dr. Shayna Mancuso Sharon Sharon PingPing Sandy VanBuskirk Hustle N Glow Margaret Steck Margaret McSweeney Anna Corona Kat McQuaid Andrea Trank Andrea Hinckley Amber DePaolo Amber Chandler Amber Cheras Alex Bryant alecz❤️ Beth Engelman Carrie Beth Carrie Hix Eddy joell51868 melinda Melinda Raquel Masco Kimberly Barnes @flipflop_mommy Kathline Arce Cheyenne&HuntersMama Mommaofboys33 Mary Kleberg Kim Kleeman Jennifer Kloch-Davis Maria Koshechkina Marianne Clyde Jennifer Essad 4WEALTHFG Ann Poyer Goal Setting Mom Christie Gosch Dr. Christina Hibbert jennah jackson Jenna Lee Melissia Brannen Candace Curtis Candace Reid Mitchell Barney Alissa Mitchell-Hunt vidya P Erica Kane Erika erin dear astronaut~momma Mary Hennessee Dolores Hall Kristin Regalski Sass Tucker Veronica Vasquez Veronica Bartles kymi Psalm46life Misscaitybug77 diane conover 😍Dezi_cakes99💚 Arielle Levitan astronaut~momma Karen Mazzoni Cricklesheart Sandy VanBuskirk Vanessa Sargent Gina Valley Gina Pomering lorene d Phylicia Wendy Rafferty Brenda Christian Nicole Thomas Ashley Turner ASDMoM Lacey Tina Knapp Yadira Castañeda ✌️ MyssiHughes Joani Plenty chrissy sexton Niara Victor Aragon Martina Beth DiMauro 💙Be Happy💙 Sarah Aadland Karen Mazzoni Teacher Karen Mike Prochaska Brian Mackenzie B.I. Mansour
Alex Bryant
Can't miss your tweet chat, Chef Gigi Gaggero !
I have the worlds most pickiest eater. I’ll definitely be at this chat!

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