Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas: 23 Ways to Pose Elf on the Shelf If Your Creativity Is Running Low by 30Seconds Mom

2 years ago

Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas: 23 Ways to Pose Elf on the Shelf If Your Creativity Is Running Low

If The Elf on the Shelf is a family holiday tradition, you may have run out of creative ways to pose the little fella. Here are 22 fun ideas for your Elf on the Shelf:

The elf is hiding inside a frame among the family photos. (Make the frame with pipe cleaners.) 

Help!! The elf has gotten himself into a mess and is stuck in a jar. 

Nothing naughty here. The elf is just playing a friendly game of Connect 4. 

The elf may need some TLC. He's not feeling well today. 

Uh oh! The elf has been a little naughty and gotten into Mommy's makeup.

Brrr! Did the elf get stuck in the refrigerator or does he just like the cold?

Oh, no! Someone has tied up the elf! Is there a ransom note? 

The elf feels sweet today and writes a thoughtful note. 

Pancake muffins? What a sweet surprise from the elf! (Here's a pancake muffin recipe.)

Did your child spend the night at a friend's house? Seems like the elf missed him or her a bit! 

Isn't the elf a little young to start shaving?

Looks like the elf has found himself some Christmas friends!

Is the elf taking a vacation? Where do you think he's going?

All it really is about during the holidays is family. The elf seems to think so, too. 

The elf has gotten himself into a sweet mess! 

Giddy-up! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is taking the elf for a ride! 

The elf has spelled out a sweet message on the door in plastic letters. 

Kids love Harry Potter? It seems the elf does, too! He's even sporting Harry's round glasses. 

The elf has gotten himself into a mess – he's stuck on the ceiling fan! He'll need some help getting down. 

The elf has been naughty (again!) and written on a family photo. 

Is horse racing the elf's new passion? What place did he get?

Up! Up! Up! Where's he going?

That's a pretty big book for such a small Elf! 

Have a photo of a creative way to pose the Elf on the Shelf? Share it below! 

Photos courtesy of Gina PomeringDebra TaylorKim KusicielLisa Moulder-KaneMargaret Clark GormanSamantha AlemanSarah Griffin and Jennifer May Carnevale

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Elisa Schmitz
OMG, these are great! They ALMOST make me want an Elf on the Shelf, LOL!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love these! People are so creative!

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