Are We There Yet? How to Engage & Entertain Kids in the Car! by Teacher Karen

6 years ago

Are We There Yet? How to Engage & Entertain Kids in the Car!

Families spend a lot of time in cars. From kiddos being chauffeured back and forth to school, going to activities and/or community events and especially during the holidays! Rather than turning on the DVD player or giving in to electronic devices for the kids, engage with them! Play old car games! For example:

  • I SPY ("I spy with my little eye something that…”)
  • Slug Bug (My second car was a 63 VW Bug … loved her!)
  • License Plate (Spotting out of state plates; add an extra challenge by doing it in order of inclusion to the USA – talk about challenging!!)

Another idea? Start a new tradition when your kiddos are in the car. Creating a positive mindset, or giving thanks, is something that can impact your child in a significant way. Help them set an intention. Setting intentions has many benefits including:

  • increasing motivation
  • improving self-esteem 
  • boosting optimism

Additionally, having an intention helps us stay more fully present and mindful, leading to less impulsive behavior. Another benefit of your kiddo setting an intention – it gives you something to talk about on the road!

Here are more games to play in the car and ideas and tips for intention setting.

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Elisa Schmitz
We used to take lots of road trips with the kids. Love making the journey part of the adventure. Thanks for the fun ideas, Teacher Karen !
Mike Prochaska
Yeah they don’t need iPads or TVs they can play games in car. My kids always end hi drawing
In their notebooks
Sheri B Doyle
I love the idea of setting intentions and activities of giving thanks. Great ideas!
Teacher Karen
Thanks Sheri! Let me know how it goes if you try it!
Kaila Weingarten
Wrap up some 99 cents store stuff to entertain on a lomg trip.
Teacher Karen
Dollar stores do have some good finds--with preschool I had to be careful with some of the stuff they sell...high lead content, etc (

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