​#30Seconds Live: Chicago Toy & Game Fair With Octobo Creator Yuting Su by Elisa Schmitz

#30Seconds Live
6 years ago

What would happen if your tablet found a home in a soft, cuddly, interactive octopus? You’d have Octobo! At the Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG) I got to chat with Yuting Su, CEO of Thinker-Tinker and creator of Octobo. When Yuting was pregnant with her son, she felt like there were so many educational games out there, but most were focused on one-on-one – kids and a screen. She wanted to create games and toys, and not increase screen time, though Yuting knew there were benefits of both worlds. To tap into the advantages of the physical and digital world, she created Octobo. Here’s a little more about this amazing toy:

  • Robotics Grade Wireless Sensors and Connections: Octobor’s plush body can feel hugs and pats; has visual LED lights to display Octobo’s emotions; has soft and sensitive arms that can feel presses, pulls, shakes, tickles and wiggles; sports a star button that can bring out magical adventures; and has a little plate for kids to share their discoveries with Octobo.
  • Holds Any Mobile Device: Octobo works with the tablet that you and your children are already playing with, on both Android and iOS. Once connected to the dedicated APP, Octobo will come to life and interact with you through the display.
  • Interactive Story Books: The books come with sensor-embedded tokens that interact with Octobo as the stories unfold.

Learn more at PlayOctobo.com.

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