Glitter Everywhere? Try This Parenting Hack to Easily Clean Up Kid's Glitter Messes! by Daniel Butcher

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5 years ago

Glitter Everywhere? Try This Parenting Hack to Easily Clean Up Kid's Glitter Messes!

This is my 30Seconds tip from a nanny working in Los Angeles with many kids! As we all know, glitter gets absolutely everywhere and lingers for weeks! What I suggest is using a lint roller to pick up as much as possible. It gets into all those hard to reach places and is sticky, so I feel it's much better than a vacuum.

Plus, you could also pass up the pick-up chores to your little ones. That way, they can get involved in understanding what a burden glitter can be!

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Mike Prochaska
Yes my kids get glitter everywhere too! We made playdoh with glitter and I let the kids pour the glitter in and it got everywhere and I couldn’t figure out how to clean it up! This a great idea! I can’t wait to read some more of your awesome tips from male
Manny Donna John did you this worked
Meredith Schneider
Oh Daniel Butcher, 3 out of our 4 kids are girls and our house is always sparkling with glitter!

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