Gratefulness Can Grow Into Thankfulness When We Share It With Others by Pepi Silverman

6 years ago

Gratefulness Can Grow Into Thankfulness When We Share It With Others

In a time in our society when the world is filled with "bad news," we can guide our children to feel grateful and that "gratefulness" can grow into "thankfulness." We all have experienced moments in which we are struck by an instance of tremendous beauty; whether it is a starry night, an unexpected encounter with nature or a personal experience that takes our breath away, that “moment” brings a sense of awe for something greater than ourselves. When that experience takes us beyond ourselves, “thankfulness” begins. Parents can help children connect to those powerful feelings by sharing their own personal experiences: 

Help children connect with their own moments of joy and guide them into sharing those feelings and experiencing thankfulness.

Stephanie Cannoe
Beautiful memories that stay with you. I am inspired. Thank you.
Sarah Aadland
My work with DoingGoodTogether has demonstrated this exactly! Gratitude in action become well-loved memories. Now, if only Minnesota could get some snow...

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