The Elf on a Shelf: Am I the Only One Who Hates That Elf on a Shelf? by Mike Prochaska

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11 days ago
The Elf on a Shelf: Am I the Only One Who Hates That Elf on a Shelf?

"The Elf on a Shelf" is a thing of nightmares! Why would you want to buy your kids a doll that you tell them comes to life at night and watches them? The first thing I think of is Chucky from “Child's Play” when I think of a doll that comes to life.

Besides being creepy, who has time to come up with all the messes the elf makes? Who wants to find 23 days of different messes and trouble for the elf to get into? Why would I want to have a pretend elf messing up the house? I totally don't understand the whole point of the Elf on the Shelf making a mess of the house that have I to clean up the minute the kids go to school.

Also, the elf is supposed to report back to Santa about being good and getting presents. The message it sends is a clear one: be nice because you are being watched, Santa’s got surveillance on you! That’s not the reason to be good! Kids should be good to be good and told by parents that if they are not good Santa will bring you coal – not that some creepy doll is reporting back to Santa.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I’m so glad my kids never asked about this, Mike Prochaska ! It does seem a bit creepy. And a lot of pressure for parents during a stressful time of year!
That elf holds unspeakable secrets behind it's cold, alien eyes. And when you stare into that inky blackness, you know it is staring right back...
Mike Prochaska
drrobertzeitlin can’t wait to read your posts
Mike Prochaska
Henry Oh can’t wait to read your tips

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