Teens & Cyberbullying: The School Epidemic Parents Need to Talk About by 30Seconds Mom

Teens & Cyberbullying: The School Epidemic Parents Need to Talk About

Seventeen.com has revealed the results from a timely new poll on bullying, which finds that bullying is still a massive issue in school and that most of it is happening online in the form of cyberbullying. Here’s some of the poll’s highlights:

  • 68 percent of the 716 people surveyed between the ages of 13 and 24 said that they've had cyberbullying problems at their school, and more than half of those polled said that they themselves have been cyberbullied
  • 62 percent of those polled have considered transferring schools because of a bully
  • Cyberbullying doesn't only happen in the comments section on Instagram. More than 20 percent said that someone has stolen their password or cell phone and pretended to be them online as a means of humiliation. Those polled also said that appearance and weight are the top issues that drive the bullying they experience and witness.
  • With the presence of bullying in the classroom and online, teens today truly appreciate the power of kindness. When asked what characteristic is most valued in their peers, 90 percent said kindness (followed by 50 percent of those who value humor). Popularity was the lowest valued trait in peers.

Read the full story on cyberbullying via Seventeen.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
What an unbelievable epidemic. We need to get a handle on this!

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