Holiday Weight Gain: 3 Tips to Help Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season by Susan Bowerman

3 years ago
Holiday Weight Gain: 3 Tips to Help Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season

While most people only gain a pound or two over the holidays, it’s possible to pack on even more between now and January – and it’s easier than you might think. Gaining 5 pounds before the New Year would mean taking in an extra 17,500 calories or so between now and January. If that sounds like a lot, you’re right. But when you look at what a few extra indulgences can cost you, the calories add up fast. Here’s how to keep your weight in check over the holidays, and avoid “sticker shock” when you step on the scale in January.

  • Do your best to stick to your usual eating and exercise patterns, rather than using the holiday season to let yourself go.
  • Avoid going to holiday get-togethers with an empty stomach.
  • You don’t need to avoid holiday treats entirely. To help satisfy sweet tooth cravings with a tasty nutritious snack option, this holiday season Herbalife Nutrition introduced Protein Bites, fun-sized on-the-go treats with 4 grams of protein and no artificial sweeteners. This will help you save your calories for those special seasonal treats.

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Mike Prochaska
Or just let your kids eat all
Your food. My kids always end up eating off my plate and not theirs
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Ha, that's a good strategy, Mike Prochaska ! Thanks for the tips, Susan Bowerman !

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