Kid's Socks: Parents, What Do You Do With Your Children's Socks? Help! by Mike Prochaska

3 years ago
Kid's Socks: Parents, What Do You Do With Your Children's Socks? Help!

Help me with socks! What do you do with your kiddo's socks? There are socks all over my house. I pick up socks every day!! I admit I am as bad as the kids – I hate wearing socks, too, so I get it. Sometimes my daughter wears socks as gloves, too. I swear she has winter gloves, but she loves to wear sock gloves. I not going to stop her. I actually love her independence and free-spirit style. I love summer and spring when socks aren't needed, but now that it is fall there are socks everywhere.

I gave up on actually matching socks and started a laundry basket of socks. My kids go to the basket every morning and pick out a pair of socks. I am so glad they don't want them to match. I heard that non-matching socks is a new style with the teenagers, so I guess my kids are above the curve. So how do you do socks? Do you match them? Should I just throw them all out and start over this winter?

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Donna John
Great question! I have a drawer in the laundry room with lost socks. It's always full. My youngest daughter always wore mismatched socks. It was a thing. I say if the mismatched socks and the laundry basket is working for you, stick with it. I did, however, a few times just throw all the socks away and started over. But not too often. Socks aren't cheap. :-) Good luck, Mike Prochaska !
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Oh, I love the idea of a laundry basket full of socks! My kids like wearing mismatched socks anyway, so this is a great way to put them all in one place. Thanks, Mike Prochaska !
Teri Stout-Ives
We are responsible for our own so no problem anymore. But when they were little and I did the wash , I paired them. Its up to them on what they want to do. My now 23 use to take every sock she owned practically and decorate her room with them they were party decorations for her bear. Socks on door knobs, TV antennae draw knobs. It was very creative. But they would stay there for a long time. She wore one sock lots of times. Now she has socks day and night I never she her barefooted at all. ADHD, on Spectrum higher end as they say and bipolar, very smart, Majoring in English, graphic art designer.
If you have singleton socks that are in fairly good shape you can use them to make these cute sock stress balls:
Mike Prochaska
This cool! I never seen this idea before. Thanks for sharing!!

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