McDonald's Play Areas: Do You Take Your Kids to McDonald's to Play? by Mike Prochaska

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a year ago
McDonald's Play Areas: Do You Take Your Kids to McDonald's to Play?

Today it’s cold and my children asked to go to McDonald's to play at the indoor playground. Don't you remember when you were a kid and there were McDonald's playgrounds everywhere. Well, now there are only a few left, at least near where we live. I don't understand why they took out the play area at some McDonald’s and put in fireplaces. Families aren't going to come to McDonald's to sit by the fire. Well, maybe if they let us roast marshmallows.

There needs to be somewhere to let kids burn off some energy and play. Most families don't actually go to McDonald's for the food, but for the playground, at least in my opinion. Chick-fil-a has an indoor playground, but the rooms are so tiny I go crazy – I feel like I’m in a cage. McDonald's has a much bigger room with tables so can keep an eye on the kids. The McDonald's by our house is always crowded because it’s one of the few left that has the giant hamster tunnels and slides. My kids love it.

I remember as a kid always going to play at McDonald's in the weird hamburger jail climbers, where you had to climb up the tight ladder to get to the jail part. Does anyone else have fond memories of McDonald's playlands?

Donna John
I used to take my kids to McDonald's all the time to play. Most McDonald's in my area still have play areas. My grandson prefers going to Chick-fil-a, but I feel ya on the feeling like you're in a cage. He's 5, so now he can go inside by himself and I sit outside and watch him. I remember the McDonald's jail slide! Thanks for bringing back good memories. Mike Prochaska
Mike Prochaska
DoingGoodTogether so do you take your kids to McDonald's? Teacher Karen
Meredith Schneider
My parents never took us to McDonalds. So can’t relate to the play grounds. There is one in our town that has a big indoor playground. Anytime I got desperate to have them burn off energy I️ would have them join me in a workout inside or outside. We have even done our own obstacle courses on the driveway.

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