Kids & Quiet Time: Do You Have a Quiet Area in Your Home for Kids? Here's Ours... by Mike Prochaska

3 years ago
Kids & Quiet Time: Do You Have a Quiet Area in Your Home for Kids? Here's Ours...

All kids need access to a quiet area to get away when they need time to themselves. I know as adult I need quiet time, too. I used to just send my kids to their room until I discovered a better way.

We call it the cozy pool (see picture below), but you can make a quiet area anywhere in your house. Ours is just a small outdoor kiddie pool filled with pillows and blankets. And I love the cozy pool as much as the kiddos.

It’s our place for quiet time and quiet activities when the kids need time alone. They climb into the cozy pool and read a book, play nicely with just one friend and sometimes watch a short show if they aren't feeling well. One of the kids I watched loved to sleep and nap in the cozy pool. He took a nap every day there for three years!

All kids need somewhere to escape when they need quiet time – just like adults. Kids need breaks, too.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
OK, this is just brilliant. I want a cozy pool of my own, Mike Prochaska !! :-)

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