You Ask Why #MotherhoodRocks? Mom, Look in the Mirror & Find Out! by Gail Harris

5 years ago

You Ask Why #MotherhoodRocks? Mom, Look in the Mirror & Find Out!

Mom, who are you, really? I believe you are a daughter of God. If the word “God” makes you uncomfortable, I get it. Use “Cosmos,” “Universe" or “Spirit.” The false belief this answer illuminates: you are only an unimportant specimen of the human race who is pretty much replaceable with another one (as in, they can fire you and hire someone else). It helps you to see that the roles and labels you identify with – mother, wife, entrepreneur – only mask who you really are. You identify with these labels. Yet, you never confuse the label with the contents of a jar, like Skippy and the peanut butter inside.

You see your importance, not compared with others but with your present view of yourself, which is built on these changing identities, and that venerated feedback from others. Inherent, as well, is your new relationship with God or the Cosmos – that of heir. What a concept! You don’t have to earn, do penance, pray or even give gratitude, but simply make claim to your divine inheritance like the Queen inherits her throne.

First, know who you really are. Then watch gratitude fill you to your very core. When you see past your role as “mom,” you’ll be a better mom for it.

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Elisa Schmitz
So profound, Gail Harris ! I love your perspective. You make me think!! xoxo
Gail Harris
Thanks, @elisa. You inspire me as well!

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