#MotherhoodRocks: It's Time to Do Your Happy Dance, Mom (& Here's Why)! by Gail Harris

10 months ago
#MotherhoodRocks: It's Time to Do Your Happy Dance, Mom (& Here's Why)!

I have faced challenges raising my son, as all moms do. My challenges are as unique to me as your challenges are to you. So why am I dancing? Crank up the music and I’ll tell you…

With each challenge faced openly, I “grow in love.” To me, this means getting better at discerning what the situation truly calls for and acting on it. Let me explain further…

We face conflicting needs all the time – not only our needs with that of our child’s, but also our own needs. An example: you need to go to a client meeting but stay home with your sick child. Do you cancel the meeting or get a babysitter? We decide by being honest with ourselves about what is truly needed. If the decision feels like a “big” one, we must be extra sure not to let our own wants muffle our clarity. We must trust. In a way, there aren’t big and small choices – they’re all the same.

Sounds crazy, but like a ripple in a pond we may never know the extent to which a small choice we make affects our life or someone else’s miles away. It’s in the seemingly insignificant things for which we are guided that reveal everything. With each choice faced honestly, I grow stronger and wiser. That’s why I’m dancing today. You?

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I so love your inspiration, Gail Harris ! Yep, keep on dancin!! 💃
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Love this. #MotherhoodRocks indeed!
Gail Harris
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Thanks. Still thinking of you hearing Obama speak in person. He must have been magnetic.
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
He was! I'm still on an Obama high! :)
Donna John
Miss you, Gail Harris ! Hope to see some new posts from you soon! :-)
Gail Harris
Miss you too. Thanks so much.

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