Rent the Toy Chest: Why Buy Toys for Kids When You Can Rent Them? by Mike Prochaska

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2 years ago
Rent the Toy Chest: Why Buy Toys for Kids When You Can Rent Them?

There's a new service for parents called "Rent the Toy Chest" that specializes in toys rentals for preschool children between the ages of 3 and 5. Currently, Rent the Toy Chest delivers within King county and south Snohomish county in Washington State, Monday through Friday. I wish we had this in Illinois! It means no more house full of toys that your children don’t play with anymore. You can rent the toys until they get bored of them and send them back to get more toys. It's so easy to rent toys!

  • Find the toys you want to rent on the website.
  • Reserve the toys and pick a delivery day (they BRING the toys to you!).
  • Play with the toys.
  • Return the toys. Just place the toys back, as you received them, in the original delivery box and the company will pick them up on a prescheduled date!

Toy rental is for one, two or three weeks, but it is recommend that you rent toys for longer than a week so you can make sure your kids get plenty of time to explore the new toys. 

Learn more about "Rent the Toy Chest" at!

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