Male Teachers: The Many Advantages of Having a Male Preschool or Daycare Teacher by Mike Prochaska

Male Teachers: The Many Advantages of Having a Male Preschool or Daycare Teacher

The truth is that there are many benefits to working in the early education field. I think It is the best job because I love having a direct impact on children in childhood on a daily basis. I love watching children grow up and watching them learn new things. Plus, we get to play with toys with them and engage with them all day.

Children are very aware of what’s different in a classroom. A good male teacher will be remembered by children, spoke about often and oftentimes favored by parents. Many men have the ability to channel their inner child in ways that the kids adore, and often become a favorite teacher.

Children need to see male teachers in the classroom, because they need male role models, too, and see that men can work with children. And men do things differently than women, so they bring a different vibe to the classroom. They teach differently!

Every teacher is different. They have unique skills and characteristics that will have an immediate impact on the kids in their care. As a man, your influence on children will be different, and kids need to see that! 

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Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
I totally agree! Many children need male role models. I see a huge difference in how some students respond to male teachers as opposed to female!

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