Kids & Recess: All Children Need Physical Education (Teens & Tweens, Too!) by Mike Prochaska

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6 years ago

Kids & Recess: All Children Need Physical Education (Teens & Tweens, Too!)

All children need recess and gym – not just little kids. High-schoolers and middle-schoolers, too! In states where physical education (PE) is required, according to Active Living Research, the following was found:

  • High school girls were active 37 more minutes per week.
  • Teens who were active in school were 20 percent more likely to get an A in English and math.
  • Children who get at least 20 minutes of recess a day have a lower body mass index than peers.

Here are more benefits of recess for kids:

  • Provides learning opportunities.
  • Research shows taking short breaks appears to help children focus better.
  • Promotes social competence by allowing opportunities to practice new skills.
  • Helps kids negotiate and solve problems.
  • Kids interact with a wider range of children.

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Elisa Schmitz
Recess and physical activity are so important for kids of all ages. Thank you for keeping this front and center, for our kids' sake, Mike Prochaska !

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