First Impressions: 5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression Without Saying a Word! by Erica Hornthal

4 years ago
First Impressions: 5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression Without Saying a Word!

Looking to get a new job, get back into the workforce, make new friends, meet that special someone or make a lasting impression at the PTA meeting? It can be as simple as your body language. Here are five key ways to make your body language work for you:

  • Make eye contact. Proper eye contact is a must when you want to be noticed and instill respect for the person with whom you are communicating. 
  • Embody confidence. Looking confident helps us feel and exude confidence. Practice standing tall with your shoulders back and your chin raised slightly.
  • Smile with your body. Allow your happiness to shine throughout your body. It will change the way to connect to others as they will see it in your eyes and in the energy you give off.
  • Open arms equals an open heart. Be careful not to cross your arms as this can signal disinterest, lack of self-esteem or even lack of confidence.
  • Stretch to become more flexible. The goal is not to do a split, but rather to enhance the body's ability to move, which actually correlates to the brains ability to adapt to uncomfortable situations. This enhances problem solving skills, focus, as well decision making.

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