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Buying, Selling or Investing in the Real Estate Market With Realtor Holly Budde! by Donna John

6 years ago
Buying, Selling or Investing in the Real Estate Market With Realtor Holly Budde!

About to sell your home, buy a new home or invest in real estate? Need some help? At this week’s #30Seconds Twitter chat, we talked with our very own Holly Budde, an experienced realtor in the Houston area. Holly aims to help people with their wants, needs and goals in today’s competitive real estate market. She shared her real estate savvy and here's what she had to say...

Q: If someone is selling their home, what is your best advice to help get it sold?

  • Prepare it to sell! Declutter, add curb appeal, fix any items visible.
  • Price it right! Overpriced homes lose prospects and spend more time on the market.
  • Make sure legal documents are all correct and/or filed. Ask your agent for guidance.
  • Have professional, accurate pictures taken that are not stretched or over edited. This is obvious to online viewers.

Q: What can someone anticipate in the process of buying property?

  • I suggest pre-approval. Doing say will save time and heartache.
  • Work with one agent. Let them help you and truly represent you!
  • There are many types of loan programs and down payment assistance. Work with a loan officer that knows these programs.
  • Pre-approval is not credit approval. Buyers need to return documentation immediately to lender.

Q: There is a trend for remodeling and fixer uppers. How do we know what projects will bring the most value?

If you’re going to spend the money, update the kitchen first! Bathrooms, master suites and more storage are also in demand. Keep in mind, you can over update a home. Not all updates increase value or market price. Homes are appraise based on sold comps. Appraisals are usually not significantly more than the average in neighborhood.

Q: Flipping is a hot topic now, too! Any tips for investors?

You make your money when you buy! You must really buy low to profit well. Over updating and appraisals apply here, too! Investing is not for the faint at heart. You can lose a ton of money on investment programs and schools. When investing in long-term rentals, expect approximately 3 percent appreciation in a year. Anticipate repairs and vacancies.

Q: Any help for victims of hurricanes, fires, etc., that we have seen recently?

Sad! Yes, in addition to FEMA loan programs available to help rebuild, if your property didn’t flood, now is a good time to sell if considering it! For anyone who is a victim of these disasters you may contact me for a list of support programs. Natural disasters will affect all property types as the local markets rebuild and recover.

Q: Any other last-minute advice?

Remember, real estate is an extremely local business. National averages do not determine your market. The four P’s of marketing are all important! The four P’s are product, price, place and promotion. Price the most significant when buying/selling. Clean always shows best! Anyone on this chat is welcome to reach out to me for free advice or assistance anywhere in the U.S.

Be sure to follow @tweenspot, like Holly Budde on Facebook and check out her 30Seconds page!

Ann Marie Patitucci
What a treat to learn the tricks of the trade from Holly Budde !
Nicole DeAvilla
Great topic! I really love that you will also be talking about tips for folks displaced floods or fires.
Chef Gigi
This Girl Tho- Showing us the REAL in REAL ESTATE !
Elisa Schmitz
Holly Budde
I am looking forward to this chat tonight. See you all tonight.

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