Water Beads: Kids & Parents Enjoy These for Open-Ended Sensory Play & Stress Relief by Mike Prochaska

4 years ago
Water Beads: Kids & Parents Enjoy These for Open-Ended Sensory Play & Stress Relief

Water beads are little beads made from a water-absorbing polymer. As the beads absorb water, they grow. Water beads start out as tiny little dots that grow and grow. I bought ours from Amazon (see link below), but you may find them at Michael's and even Target.

In my experience, water beads are great to put in a sensory table on a cold rain day, and are a great open-ended play toy because their use in play is unlimited. My kids can sort them for hours and it helps with color recognition and fine motor skills development. We have a bunch of different colored bowls and the kids love matching colors and counting the water beads. Or you can add cars and dump trucks and kids can load up the cars with as many beads that will fit. My daughter loves to add little people and use the beads to build an imaginary castle or fort.

We’ve also made stress balls with water beads. We just take a balloon and add the beads and it's hours of fun! So, if you have a bad day, instead of taking it out on anyone else, use the water beads – they make me feel better. I love the open-ended play aspect of water beads and you and your kids' imaginations can go wild!

Editor's Note: According to HealthyChildren.org, "In 2012 and 2013, deaths of children overseas and injuries in the U.S. prompted the CPSC to issue a voluntary recall of several types of water-absorbing balls, beads and toys shaped like fruit and animals. Similar products still are sold in craft stores and garden centers." As with all items that could pose a choking hazard, keep out of reach of young children.

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Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
I love water beads! I use them all the time in speech and language therapy sessions with my little friends. I hide toys in them and work on their vocabulary and speech sounds. And they are so relaxing. Some kids (and adults) come by my room just to spend sometime in the water beads. May be they should add them to a spa! Ha ha
Annie Ali
Any more tips hon, specifically for autistic little friends
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Hi Annie, if you go to my page I have some other tips that may help. Let me know.

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