Chain of Kindness: Connecting Two Schools With Random Acts of Kindness by Melissa Stephens

Chain of Kindness: Connecting Two Schools With Random Acts of Kindness

We began building our kindness link chain today at Kent Middle School in Kentfield, Calif.! Each time a child commits an act of kindness, they fill out a link and add it to the chain of kindness. We are committed to 5000 acts in the next two weeks, as is the elementary school, Anthony G. Bacich Elementary School. Our focus this year is on being kind and building a better world.

On October 20, we will have student representatives start walking from each campus to meet in the middle and connect the final link! Then each school will host the chain for a period of time. Ten thousand acts of kindness, here we come!

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Nicole DeAvilla
This is fantastic Melissa Stephens ! I am so glad to hear that my kids old elementary and middle schools are doing this. You rock Melissa!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is just so wonderful. Thank you for spreading the love and kindness. Hope to see more posts from you on #30Seconds, Melissa Stephens ! xoxo
Kim Kusiciel
This is so great Melissa Stephens! I am doing this in my classroom, too! Looking forward to more tips from you and to hear how the two school's did!
Donna John
How is the chain of kindness coming along, Melissa Stephens ?
Donna John
How did this go, Melissa Stephens ? We'd love to see pictures of the finished chain and get an update!
Tiffany Zook
Amazing idea...can't wait to see the final "link" photo.
Jan Mostrom
That's amazing! What a wonderful idea and giving the kids ownership is awesome!

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