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Celebrate National Women's Health and Fitness Day & National Yoga Month With Nicole DeAvilla & Guests! by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago
Celebrate National Women's Health and Fitness Day & National Yoga Month With Nicole DeAvilla & Guests!

Are you a fan or a pro of women’s health, fitness or yoga? Want more information on these topics? We were thrilled to have our very own #30Seconds contributor, Nicole DeAvilla, an internationally known expert on yoga, stress reduction and pain, lead the discussion on National Women's Health and Fitness Day. We have also invited experts in all three of these fields to discuss what they love, what the benefits are, how you can get started or take your yoga, health and/or fitness to the next level. We heard from our very own 30Seconds experts Heather Frey, Shayna Mancuso, Rhonda Liebig, Avital Miller, Meredith Schneider and guest Ysmay Walsh.

Q: What’s your favorite self-care for your health and peace of mind ?

Routine, routine, routine! I try to build self-care into my daily routine.I do  breathingexercises, affirmations, gratitudeyoga and meditation. Also important is sleep, clean eating and being vegan.

Q: Online challenges for fitness, meditation and yoga are popular. Are they good?

Yoga challenges can be dangerous when there is no instruction. A thoughtful yoga challenge can be awesome! A yoga challenge can get you started or help take you to a new level. And yes, we will have a  2 Minute Yoga 30Seconds Yoga Challenge! Right now we have 30Seconds plank challenge with Meredith Schneider.

Q: How can we work yoga and fitness or other ways to be healthy into our busy days?

Do something rather than nothing – that is one way  2 Minute Yoga works! Start slowly with new good habits and then build up. Better be consistent with a little than to try too much at once then fail. Your willpower is stronger in the morning. Start with good morning routines.

Q: What are the health benefits of yoga?

The  National Institute of Health (NIH) says yoga is on of top 10 complementary and integrative health approaches. The NIH also says 94 percent of Americans who practice yoga say that they do it for wellness reasons. Yoga research shows yoga helps with low back pain, stress and pain. Other health conditions being studied like heart health, diabetes and obesity show promise that yoga works.

Q: What are the health benefits of exercise?

  • Exercise improves fitness.
  • Exercise improves mood.
  • Exercise improves heart health.

Q: Can you recommend one most important action women take to improve health?

Sleep. Most women need 7-8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep may cause depression and many health issues. When you have enough sleep it is easier to take care of your health.

Q: What challenges do women have and how can they overcome for health and wellness?

We expect women to be SuperWoman 24/7. We need to take the cape off! Women can feel isolated even when busy. Friends help keep us healthy. Women are natural caretakers, but they need to care for themselves first.

Q: Experts! How can we learn more about you and your wonderful work?

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Ann Marie Patitucci
What a fabulous topic and guest!
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead I am really happy to have my co-guests with me tonight.
Nicole DeAvilla
I am so jazzed for tonights chat and our panel of experts Heather Frey Dr. Shayna Mancuso Rhonda Liebig Avital Miller Meredith Schneider and Ysmay.
Meredith Schneider
So excited for tonight's #30Seconds chat! See everyone later! :)
Nicole DeAvilla
Can't wait to hear your wisdom and have some fun with you Meredith Schneider
Tiffany C
sounds like a blast! Tiffany C will be there
Toni B
Sounds like an all-star line-up! See you soon....
Avital Miller
That was really fun and insightful! Thank you all!

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