Mom, Take Care of Yourself & Let Your Kids Know You're Doing It: Here's Why! by Cynthia Miller

3 years ago
Mom, Take Care of Yourself & Let Your Kids Know You're Doing It: Here's Why!

Do your kids want everything from you ... and more? Of course, they do! That's their job, right? But if we give every last piece of us, there will not be anything left.

When I need a break, I say, "Mommy has to go take care of herself right now – so that I can take care of you." One of the most important reasons to do this is to teach our girls that they do have a right to take care of themselves, and to teach our sons that they must respect women and not expect women to do it all for them. We all know those husbands that think a wife means someone who only takes care of others – and we don't want to grow any more of those!

So, let's teach our girls that they are valuable too, and role model that respect for our boys with this phrase: "Mom has to go take care of herself. If I don't take care of me, then I can't take care of anyone else!" Now go forth and take care of yourself! 

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Katie Sloan
It is so important. Recently I hit a wall. I napped and read for two days. I emerged recharged and am much more pleasant and effective.
Meredith Schneider
Love this Cynthia Miller! Great reminder for all of us. 😘

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