National Punctuation Day: Standing Up for Commas, Periods & Semicolons Everywhere by Donna John

2 years ago
National Punctuation Day: Standing Up for Commas, Periods & Semicolons Everywhere

do we all have that friend on facebook that never uses punctuation that doesn’t consider capitalization, commas starting a new sentence entirely and a period forget about it well on national punctuation day its time to get this off our chests

Enough of that. Can’t take it anymore. As an editor, critiquing every Facebook status, text, meme and email just comes with the territory. Where, along the Internet/social media highway, did it become OK to kick punctuation and other basics out the window? Reading someone’s thoughts in words instead of face to face already leaves subtleties out there that are up for interpretation by the reader – and which are often interpreted wrong. So why, heaven’s sake, take out the tools we’ve been given to help get our point across? We’ve all seen the “Let’s eat grandma” example on the importance of a comma. Or, maybe not, so here’s a reminder:

  • “Let’s eat grandma.”
  • “Let’s eat, Grandma.”

Grandma would appreciate the comma. So, on National Punctuation Day, when we give a salute to commas, semicolons, periods, the ellipsis, let’s remember to use punctuation, even in those Facebook posts about your dogkid or favorite meatloaf recipe

If you know of someone who needs a refresher course, casually recommend they pop on over to Grammar Girl on No shame at all in that. Period. 

Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
This Grammar Girl appreciate this tip, Donna John ! :) Thank you!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Haha, I knew this would resonate with you, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead ! What do you think, Nancy Dafoe ? 😀 Donna John
Gail Harris
@donna. Now this made my day. I thoroughly enjoyed this. And very well written, I might add. Now that I know who I'm dealing with, I will watch my ps and qs even more. Or Is it p's and q's. Bravo.
Donna John
LOL! It was a spur-of-the-moment idea Saturday when I found out it was National Punctuation Day. A day I can get behind. :-) Thank you for the nice words, Gail Harris . Glad you enjoyed it.
Gail Harris
I admit I am now a bit nervous to submit tips. Just kidding Donna John

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