Dove Real Beauty Productions & Shonda Rhimes Release "Meet Diana": One Woman's Journey to Rediscovering Beauty by 30Seconds Mom

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6 years ago

"I'm not interested in hiding it," says Diana Wright, the subject of the latest film from Dove Real Beauty Productions, referring to her prosthesis. "It's beautiful. It's me – and it doesn't hold me back. In fact, when I look at it I'm reminded that beauty is perseverance in the face of adversity. Beauty is strength. Beauty is confidence. I want my girls to know that."

Dove Real Beauty Productions and Creative Director Shonda Rhimes have teamed up to release their third film together titled "Meet Diana." The 3-minute video shares Diana's story of unmatched strength and perseverance to reclaim her life as a mother of two girls, athlete and fifth grade teacher after the unexpected loss of her leg in a car accident. 

Dove Real Beauty Productions was created in March 2017 with one goal in mind: to shift the power of storytelling from Hollywood into the hands of real women to ensure all women and girls can see their #RealBeauty represented in media and culture. Together with Shonda Rhimes, the brand has brought a 100 percent female crew to produce this inspiring film that illustrates the power all women have to help the next generation develop confidence in their #RealBeauty.

Diana's story may begin with a tragic event but, living up to her superhero namesake, Wonder Woman, she didn't let it end there. After the loss of her leg in a car accident, Diana was faced with a number of challenges, not only physical in nature but emotional. As Diana healed and became adjusted to using her new prosthetic limb, she also grappled with rehabilitating a confidence in her changed appearance. Diana was immediately resolved to reach goal after goal when it came to her recovery, not only relearning to walk but to run. 

Share "Meet Diana" with the girls in your life to start a conversation about beauty confidence and visit for tips, articles and practical advice from experts in self-esteem and girls' development. Together, we can change the lives of an additional 20 million girls with self-esteem education by 2020.

This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

Meredith Schneider
Wow! This is a must watch for everyone. Diana is a true inspiration and incredible role model to never give up.
Elisa Schmitz
What an inspirational woman and story of perseverance! I admire Diana, and am grateful to Dove for shining a light on true beauty. Redefining our societal norms is so important. Strength is beautiful! Perseverance is beautiful! Resilience is beautiful! 💪🌺🌷🌻💪
Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh, how I love this. Thank you, Dove, for continuing to highlight real women and real beauty.

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