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#30Seconds In-Depth: Millennials in Entertainment & Giving Back With Award-Winning TV Coordinator Alex Bryant! by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago
#30Seconds In-Depth: Millennials in Entertainment & Giving Back With Award-Winning TV Coordinator Alex Bryant!

Ever wonder what it takes to be a social media strategist? This week we were thrilled to welcome Alex Bryant as our #30Seconds Twitter chat guest! Alex aimed to engage, empower and enlighten our community through his personal journey of hardships and triumphs in navigating the entertainment industry. He discussed the importance of giving back and being of service to make a difference in the world through our talents.

Q: Tell us your career beginnings as an Angelo State student interning at CBS, "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider?"

Raised in the UK and Texas, through every opportunity I always take gratitude of those who paved the way for it. I was a summer social media intern at CBS, "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" during my senior year Angelo State in 2014. I also co-produced a "The Insider" weekend segment and was "Entertainment Tonight’s" social correspondent at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie premiere! As an intern was an invaluable experience and it propelled a humbling journey in the entertainment world and beyond.

Q: Which hardships did you overcome in your career and how?

First, living through the high standard of living in Los Angeles and the time for commute, so lots of RESEARCHing is essential. Second, maintaining time-management skills, which has allowed me to keep focus on current and future projects. I usually have daily to-do lists, mobile reminders and calendars to keep me on task!

Q: We notice you had many celebrity interactions. Which valuable advice resonated with you most?

  • I would have to say Flex Alexander once advised to, “Continue to work hard and smartly!”
  • When I worked with Bryan Moore he shared the lesson: “Social media is conversational, not presentational.”
  • When I had the privilege to briefly chat with Kevin Hart, he shared, “Keep working on your craft.”
  • Working alongside Brad Bessey, he shared, “Show up with full of passion and a mindset of contribution.”
  • A cherished moment from the Oprah Winfrey NetworkOprah was, “Keep sharing your good vibes!”
  • My friend Tracey Edmonds shared this advice: “Let’s go and make it!”

Q: Tell us about the volunteer or charity work you do and why it’s important to your field.

Unconditional giving gives back naturally. Being cause-driven appeals to companies to give time to make an impact. I volunteer for Special Olympics, the Los Angeles Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2028ACM SIGGRAPHUNA-USA, to name a few! Here’s one of my Giving Tuesday stories via Ashley Benton’s GT Helping Hands. I encourage to find the joys of giving back and see how it impacts your personal and professional life for the better.

Q: In a fast-paced and interchangeable industry, how do you keep yourself in balance?

I keep balance through 20 minutes of either meditation or an inspirational read! Remaining in touch with close friends, mentors and family keeps me grounded in the entertainment field! Making time to simply RELAX has been essential in order to live intentionally to my full best as a human being!

Q: A master of surprising others with cool experiences, did any jobs come with some surprises of their own?

I was surprised when I did  Esquire Network voice over sessions with Peter Giles and Omeed Boghraty. Also, as an audience coordinator On Camera Audiences, I was hired immediately and sent to a CBS "Candy Crush" taping! Being asked to work the Billboard Music Awards via Dick Clark Productions was a HUGE surprise, honor and lots of fun. Making props to celebrate 50 years of Batman on my first intern day at “Entertainment Tonight” was an amazing birthday surprise!

Q: What do millennials think of “baby boomers” who work in social media?

Millennials should pay attention to the lesson that the “baby boomer” generation can teach us all! Until our very last breath on Earth, we are all life students! We have the opportunity to learn and teach; give when given! Millennials should also consider working with “baby boomers” in social media! It could benefit both demographics. I’m a believer in collaboration, respecting others and dreaming BIG. “Baby boomers” can contribute in social media.

Q. What’s your Emmy® picks, future plans and advice you can give to our 30Seconds community?

My Emmy® picks are “ The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” “The Is Us,” "The Crown," Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson from “Blackish.” I will be a social influencer at the San Pedro International Film Festival in October and hopefully landing a new role in production and/or social media! Offer your time, talent and energy to what matters most to you, but make time to recharge! Have the courage to ask, there’s no harm in it! Seek mentors, pay attention to shared wisdom, live intentionally.

Be sure to follow Alex Bryant at @Official_AlexB_, like Alex Bryant on Facebook, visit and check out his 30Seconds page!

Alex Bryant
Thank you for spreading the word, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! Amazing to know the #30seconds chat trended on twitter.
Meredith Schneider
Oh WOW! Can't wait for this chat and hear what Alex Bryant has to share with us! :)
Alex Bryant
I am so excited that you are joining the #30Seconds conversation, Meredith!
Nicole DeAvilla
So happy to have Alex Bryant for the chat. He is fun, informative, and inspiring. See you all there!
Alex Bryant
I am truly honored to be the #30Seconds guest this Wednesday. We're going to have a blast.
Kim Kusiciel
Wooohoooo!!! Can't wait to learn and participate tonight!!
Lovely to meet you Alex Bryant
Holly Budde
This should be so interesting. I cant wait to hear what Alex has to share
Alex Bryant
I look forward to chatting with you too, Holly!
sherry bracy
Iam soo glad I have a free night! Cant wait to chat with all of you again! :)
Alex Bryant
YAY for free nights! I am honored to chat with you this evening for #30seconds twitter chat.
Alex Bryant
What did you think of the chat?
Donna John
What a great chat, Alex Bryant ! You're a remarkable person and very inspiring! Thank you!
Alex Bryant
I am thrilled you were part of the conversation, Donna! Thank you for inspiring me.
Kim Kusiciel
This was an awesome chat. Thanks for sharing all your awesome insights and inspirations. We can't wait to learn more from you as you engage with us here! Thanks Alex Bryant!!
Alex Bryant
Hi Kim! Thank you for the warm welcome into the 30 Seconds community. I enjoyed engaging with all of you and learning along the way.

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