#MotherhoodRocks: Want an Inspiring Perspective on Your Life? Read On! by Gail Harris

6 years ago

#MotherhoodRocks: Want an Inspiring Perspective on Your Life? Read On!

No matter what motherhood brings in any given moment – whether you’re turned upside down in confusion or laughing with glee – one thing is for sure: motherhood challenges you to be your best. If you want, you can ignore this gift of growth. Or, you can embrace your “Araté,” the Greek word meaning “the highest expression of any person, place or thing.” To explain, the Araté of a glass is to hold your favorite beverage, of a racehorse is to run swiftly, and of a book is to tell the highest expression of a story. But what is the Araté of a human being? This is something to ponder.

I’ve learned that my Araté is revealed to me, as I trust in each moment of my life. It is my own unique divine plan between my soul and me. It’s not about perfection or “making it happen” in the usual sense. Yet, with being a mom, it’s shown me that embracing each challenge arising with my son – and not shying away – makes me stronger and wiser. This reveals how amazing my life truly is – each aspect of it, despite the challenges – because I know who I really am. It may not seem great in the moment, but the bigger picture tells all.

So, mom, are you ready to start living as the highest expression of yourself? Then go inward and trust.

Erin Musto
I love learning about 'arate' makes me think...
Gail Harris
So glad @ErinMusto. Hope you're having a great day.

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