Recovering From Hurricane Harvey: Lending a Hand Can Help Heal You & Your Kids, Too by Holly Budde

5 years ago
Recovering From Hurricane Harvey: Lending a Hand Can Help Heal You & Your Kids, Too

Hurricane Harvey is no secret, but his wrath was new to my kids. They watched the news. They heard of friends losing everything. For them, it was the first time to experience tragedy. Their hearts broken and shocked as more rain fell and levees opened. Fortunately, our home is high and dry, yet many friends and loved ones are not so lucky. The kids did suffer loss at our ranch property, but it didn’t compare to their friends.

My kids were in tears. I felt I had to turn this around for them to see the good. I began to volunteer, and would take them along. We gathered food, clothes and supplies for shelters. We cooked food for those working to rebuild and once we knew of a particular loved one’s loss, we showed up to help.

I didn’t do it through any organization I belong to. We went out, the three of us. No photo-ops. No humble brags. We went to help us. It taught my kids what my parents always taught me: "You don’t have to look far to see others suffering more. You don’t have it so bad" and "Helping others will make you understand what I cannot talk into you."

We started off sad and scared and we ended the week fulfilled, lending to a greater good. We met friends and heard stories to restore our strengths.

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is amazing, Holly Budde , but not surprising given how thoughtful, generous and loving you are. What a wonderful way to help others, and your own family, through am incredibly difficult time. Such a gift to your girls, in so many ways. Thank you for sharing this. So glad you're safe. Big love to you! xoxo

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