Hurricane Harvey: Social Media Not Social When It Intends to Hurt, Not Help by Nicole DeAvilla

5 years ago

Hurricane Harvey: Social Media Not Social When It Intends to Hurt, Not Help

Social media has been great during Hurricane Harvey – official communications, pleas for help, answers of help, raising money, mobilizing assistance, bringing hope. Social media has also been showing its ugly side in the midst of catastrophe. No matter what side of an issue or ideology you stand on we can, and should, all come together in times of need. You need not believe in karma to appreciate the story that I was told by my spiritual teacher.

A man was walking and saw another man in the ditch crying out for help. The first man thought, “Well, it must be his karma that got him into the mess he is in. I don't need to help him. He must deserve it.” Yes, it may be that it was his karma to fall into the ditch in the first place but it also may be his karma for you to walk by and help him. The first man by not stopping created his own bad karma, and perhaps he will not receive help when he finds himself in desperate need.

We can break the cycle of meanness. We can stand up for what we believe is true, but let us also respect one another as fellow human beings. We can offer a helping hand. Let's all use this disaster as a time to break old patterns of meanness and smallness.

Read more about the Matt Wuerker cartoon via Business Insider

Photo: Matt Wuerker's cartoon from Twitter feed

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
That is a fascinating story, Nicole DeAvilla . I'm so glad you shared it. You never know when you'll be called upon to help, or when it will be your time to call for help. Using social media for good (and all other resources we have to help) is so very important. Thank you and God bless those affected by this ongoing catastrophe! xoxo

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