Hope for Houston: 4 Things You Can Do to Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey by Joyce Knestrick, CRNP, FAANP

6 years ago

Hope for Houston: 4 Things You Can Do to Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The images of flooding from Houston are heartbreaking. Fortunately, here are some ways you and your family can take action:

  • Find Out What People Need: Check with shelters and disaster relief organizations in the affected area, local news outlets and social media to find out what people need. They may need more than money or food.
  • Find Who’s Helping Near You: Infrastructure in the affected areas is compromised, making direct action more difficult. Community and faith-based organizations, state and local government, and nonprofits near you will have an easier time coordinating aid.
  • Meet Needs As Best You Can: Don’t give things that aren’t needed, as distribution channels may not be equipped to address non-essential items and your contribution could go to waste. If a shelter needs blankets and toiletries, give them blankets and toiletries.
  • Volunteer: See what skills you have to offer rescue and cleanup efforts. Many people will be in need, and a lot of skills are needed.

Let's keep up the amazing displays of neighborly support and utilize these tips to provide the most help to those in need.

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Elisa Schmitz
God bless the first responders, and all those who help in times of crisis. Thank you, Joyce Knestrick, CRNP, FAANP !

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