Back-to-School Homework for Parents: 5 Things You Should Share With Your Child's New Teacher by Pepi Silverman

Back-to-School Homework for Parents: 5 Things You Should Share With Your Child's New Teacher

As children return to school, ensuring that their supports and services are carried over from one year to the next may require parents to “do their homework.” Just as students share information about themselves as an introductory activity in their classrooms, parents can provide more specific information to guide their children’s teachers about how to assist their learning effectively. 

There are key pieces of information that should be shared with teachers:

  • Any medical conditions and precautions for your child during the school day.
  • Changes in the family that could affect your child’s functioning at school.
  • Accomplishments from the previous school year that can be reinforced in the new year.
  • Areas of concern that were not addressed in the previous school year.
  • Topics of interest that are motivating for your child.

Keeping your children’s teachers informed will build effective partnerships that can support student achievement in the year ahead.

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