11 Things I Want My Son to Know As He Starts College by Joal Watson

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6 years ago

11 Things I Want My Son to Know As He Starts College

My baby boy is starting college, and I have a few tips for him...

  1. Age 18 means you're an adult. That means if you do dumb shi#, the police are not going to call mommy. They give you one phone call because, well, you're an adult. And you better hope I answer the phone.
  2. You are not 21 – you’re 18 (see #1). So, you are not allowed to drink. But mom is not stupid, so if you are caught remember #1. And this will be on your record.
  3. Always walk with purpose. Don't let your guard down. Make eye contact and always have ID on you, and please keep "find my phone on."
  4. Uber – it's your friend for nights you may think you’re 21. But I promise not to ask about charges because then I know you’re at least making half of the right choice. Unless it's Uber Black, then you have to pay me back for the awesome ride you took.
  5. Use the first few days before school starts to walk to each of your buildings. I hear most can spot a freshman because they are looking down at their phone to follow a map, so refer to #3 for guidance.
  6. Call me anytime and anywhere. I can most likely talk you through anything, except video games. That shi# is complicated.
  7. Lock up your belongings – always! Including food. Oh, and always only make popcorn in your dorm when you have at least three additional bags for unexpected knocks on the door because they followed the smell.
  8. Make friends. Step outside your comfort zone, and be known for something. But not partying. That's not what I'm paying for.
  9. Budget your money. When it's out, it's out. You will have to wait until the beginning of the month to get more. I know this sucks, but it's for your own good and good for my wallet.
  10. Don't forget to call me or even just send a text reminding me that you remember me, because it's not gonna be the same without you in your room, picking on your brothers or leaving dishes in the sink. Which reminds me, keep your room clean. Your roomie didn't ask to live with a slob.
  11. Lastly, enjoy college and learn lots. You will make the best of friends, make the best memories and fulfill all your dreams.

Mom :) xo

Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love this, joalwatson ! You expressed my own feelings, but even better. So many of us can relate to this. Many thanks for sharing during this very bittersweet time. I so appreciate it, and I hope you will share more of your writing with us! Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe!! :-)
Dominic Beardsmore
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